Free Printable Grocery Lists

by Kay on July 26, 2013

Grocery shopping can be a challenge, especially if you’re dealing with a special diet, allergy or lifestyle change. That’s why I’ve got 23 new printable grocery lists that can serve as a guide, a reference or just a blank template to be filled in.

A lot of the new additions are specialty grocery lists for people with unusual circumstances. This includes shopping lists for new parents, victims of a cold or flu, those recuperating from a surgery, and people preparing for an emergency. These lists are filled in with helpful suggestions of what to buy or not to buy for each situation.
I’ve also created a new category at the site. There are now four different printable expiration labels that are compatible with the Avery 5163 label template. Each one features a picture of a different kind of food such as dairy, meat, casserole and fruit. There’s space to write in the date the food was bought and the date it will likely expire.
Finally, there are several menu planners that cover a month’s worth of groceries, a lunchbox planner for school lunches, and some colorful grocery lists that are divided by section and decorated with fun pictures. These are particularly nice for getting kids involved with the shopping process.

Once you’ve bought all of your ingredients, head over to and pick up a colorful recipe card to record your meal. Or, if you’re shopping for more than groceries, try getting one of the 65 checklists, task planners and schedules available at

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