Business Cards

by Kay on August 12, 2013

A good business card should present your services quickly and attractively, and that’s just what my new batch of 40 new printable business cards do over at Whether you want an abstract picture or a focus on a specific field, there’s something eye-catching for everyone.

A lot of the new designs are abstract business cards decorated with various textured metals, plaster and stone. These are great for builders, construction workers and artists or designers.
There are also a number of corporate business cards featuring everything from urban city skylines to careers in modeling, acupuncture, typing and teaching. There are also bright, cute cards decorated with sunflowers, shoes, fish and stamps for fun, personal purposes.

There are 1,171 business cards at A free version is available with a permanent URL of the site, whereas the version with the editable URL costs $3. Both come as DOC files that can be filled in with a word processor. A business card with a unique QR data code can be made using the custom card-maker.

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