Sample Toasts

by Kay on August 23, 2013

Not everyone is good at public speaking. If you’ve ever had to make a speech at a wedding, party, anniversary or festival, you know that it can be difficult to put the right words together in order to be funny, inspirational or moving. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through all the effort of coming up with your own thoughts, because I have 29 new ideas for great example toasts at

The majority of the new toasts is dedicated to abstract concepts and encourages fellow drinkers to raise a glass to adventure, love, happiness, age or prosperity. These general speeches are short and feature pithy sayings or funny jokes that can be used by anyone.

Other sample speeches are detailed and specific, such as the toast from the father of the bride at a wedding, or the anniversary speech for a couple’s golden wedding anniversary. These are better used as reference for form, structure and language rather than word-for-word copies.

I also put up several articles on how to write a speech, including one on the protocol for wedding toasts and another concerning toasts in multiple languages.

There are nearly 80 toasts at, and all of them can be downloaded, edited and printed for free as a DOC file.

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