Printable Flash Cards and Card Maker

by Kay on October 28, 2013

Learning something new can be tricky and often requires visual aids. That’s why a number of the 15 new flash cards at are focused on language.

The new language flash cards help Romance or Germanic language-based speakers learn a new alphabet entirely, adding Japanese and Greek to the collection of Hebrew, Arabic and Runic alphabets already available.
The new science flash cards in this batch of additions are focused on health and the body in this batch. Some of the new additions include anatomical terms, birth terms and skin structure.
There are now more than 234 flash cards available at in categories spanning science, math, music, literature and geography. They’re all free to print as PDFs, and they download instantly. Most of them are user-generated, so feel free to contribute your own knowledge and study material to the mix. Select card sets will be added to the site.

People who want to share, study for a big exam or simply test their knowledge can make and submit their own flash cards with my flash card maker. Just fill in the questions and answers and then print them out either four or six to a page.

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