Printable Masks and Paper Dolls

by Kay on November 22, 2013

Good news for kids who like to do art and play pretend: I’ve added 25 new printable paper dolls at and 30 new printable masks at Each of the new templates has a colorful, illustrated version and a blank version that can be colored in.
All of the new additions at are celebrity paper dolls inspired by movie stars, models, singers and actors from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s. One calls to mind a black-haired rock and roll singer with gyrating hips and a crooning voice.
Another is reminiscent of a beautiful debutante who spends her mornings at expensive jewelry stores. These are fun not only kids but for nostalgic adults. Each one has a number of outfits and accessories and is free to download and print as a PDF file.
Over at I have provided a number of various human masks for kids to try out. These extend from positive models such as male and female cave-miners, Navy captains, astronauts and chefs, to more outlandish careers such as bandits, cowboys and professional wrestlers. There are masks of walruses and dogs, and even a few strangely cuddly monster masks.

For both the paper dolls and the masks, I recommend printing on cardstock or laminating them after you cut them out. That way you’ll have a sturdier, more resilient toy. For full instructions on the best way to make the masks, check out my helpful mask making guide.

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