OpenOffice and LibreOffice Templates

by Kay on December 13, 2013

I have always been committed to saving two things for the people who utilize my printables: time and money. Many of the templates at my sites are available both as a free PDF and a free DOC. So, after requests from users of open source word processors, I decided to create two new websites: and

Already there are 40 specially formatted OpenOffice templates and 40 LibreOffice printables available at the two sites. These templates, some of the most popular across the sites, were modified so that they function for anyone running OpenOffice or LibreOffice respectively.
If you’ve ever used OpenOffice or LibreOffice you know that, as free products, they run slightly differently than Microsoft Word. So now I have employment printables such as work certificates, resumes, flyers and timesheets that are completely functional with open source products. There are also school planners, diplomas, medical trackers, financial receipts and family trees.

All of the templates at and are free to download and print as an ODT file. Both sites feature 40 of the most popular printables I have to offer in six distinct categories, no Microsoft Word required.

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