Back-To-School Printables

by Kay on January 2, 2014

It’s a new year and, in many places, a new semester at school. Accordingly, I have new printables that will help teachers, students, and parents prepare for the upcoming term at the websites.

There are a lot of new printable lesson plans, worksheets, grading rubrics and classroom management tools at Teachers can find good uses for the number, counting and value charts that are partially filled in, as well as multiplication and addition exercises.
Notable new additions include colorable flags and blackline maps of major countries and continents. These are great for teachers to use as a teaching aid or as a format guide. All templates are available for free as a PDF that can be printed and filled in by hand, or a DOC file that can be edited in a word processor and which costs several dollars. Alternatively, you can purchase all 416 templates in one teachers printables collection. A license for a single teacher costs $27, while the price to license an entire school is $67.

In addition to the forms for teachers, I have plenty of templates that can be used by parents and students. One of my most popular is, which has 1,111 paper printables that are a great preparation tools for filling one’s notebook. I have all the standards such as wide-rule, college-rule and graph paper, but I also have music staff paper, penmanship paper and even 3D paper for really cool projects. All paper is free as a printable PDF or $4 for a customizable DOC version.

I’ve got a whole new category devoted just to student planners at These are handy as a comprehensive notebook and can be easily inserted in a binder and kept as an organizational tool. They cover everything from essay tracking to test planning to budget control. Like the other 355 templates, they’re free to print as a PDF or $4 for an editable DOC.
Finally, if you’re a student then at some point you’re going to have to study for a test (a bummer, I know) and there’s no easier way to do so than with my flash card maker at Just type in your questions and answers and print out the cards as four or six a page. I also have more than 200 ready-made, printable flash cards that can be downloaded and printed for free. Categories range from science to geography to music.

Whatever your back-to-school needs, I’ll bet you can find them at the sites. And you won’t even have to leave the house!

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