Family Trees for Reunions, School and Fun

by Kay on July 18, 2011

Summer time is family time, and I already have one family reunion under my belt this year. Our daughters got to spend time with their cousins and my wife and I caught up on all the goings-on in our extended family.

Because my wife is a genealogy buff, I’m fortunate enough to have a good record of our family trees – both on my side and her side. The kids love looking at the tree

I recently added several new family trees ancestor charts, and research forms to There are new variations for children, teachers, genealogists, and hobbyists.

Because I know that there are many ways to make a family, I’ve been sure to include nontraditional trees for stepfamilies and adoptive families (including an adoptive family tree that includes biological parent “roots” for open adoptions, adoptions out of foster care, and other circumstances.)

The family trees are perfect for school and home research, and there are more than 60 styles in all, from cute teddy bears to elaborate fan charts. They’re free as PDFs you can print out and write on, or $4 per design for a version you can open and type into using Microsoft Word.

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