Resignation Letter Templates

by kevin on February 23, 2018

When the time comes to leave a job, volunteer position, or other role, resignation letter is often in order. My site, with its 173 letter templates, can help you find the right words.

These free letter templates provide a starting point. Just type over the sample wording to make a resignation letter suit your situation.

I recently added 21 new letter templates to the site, including some for specific jobs and others that address a specific reason for resigning such as: disability, stress, a long commute, a sick family member, scheduling, low pay, work-life balance, conflicts of interest or general personal circumstances.

One letter template addresses “constructive dismissal.” Another reports bullying in the workplace. Some of the samples refer to gross misconduct and hazards. The new additions cover topics such as nominating one’s successor. I’ve also added two new letters retracting resignations. also has several articles with tips on letter-writing, including the seldom-encouraged negative resignation letter.

The site also offers letters giving specific notice before the resignation takes effect, resignations from education roles, and resignations from church positions.

The letters download instantly in DOC (Microsoft Word) format, or just cut and paste the text directly from the site. The letters are free to download, customize and print. They can also be used as-is. Just don’t consider them to be legal advice.

For more than 1,400 business forms, letters, charts, logs, and other printables, be sure to visit

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