Sample Apology Letters

by kevin on February 8, 2018

Say you’re sorry is often hard, yet sometimes essential. The sample apology letters, at are here to help., one of the most popular of my letters sites, now has 300 examples of written apologies for mistakes in one’s business or personal life. The templates serve as a jump start to find the right words; just change or augment the placeholder text to suit your situation.

There are 30 new letter templates in all, and the topics include: dress codes, unintentional allergen exposure, a pet’s behavior, not leaving a tip, being a bad house sitter, borrowing something without asking, and insulting someone.

I’ve also added letters for the workplace with apologies for eating office food, “replying all” to an email, and giving an unauthorized interview to the news media.

Other letters address personal behavior, including political arguments, bad jokes, “ghosting” a party, sharing something private on social media, and waking someone up.

The site also has letter template for apologizes from children.

The letters are are free to download, customize and print.

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