Printable Wedding Planner

by kevin on September 27, 2018

If you’re planning a wedding or honeymoon, you’ll definitely want to check out the new printables at I’ve added a lot of new wedding planner pages, ready for you to download, print and assemble into a custom planner.

The site now has more than 100 wedding planner pages, from vows templates and photography shot lists to budgets and to-do lists. Each page is illustrated and the borders coordinate. Hole punch guides make it even easier to assemble your wedding binder.

Besides the basics you’d expect in a wedding planner, the newest additions include very specific forms and checklists, including for: dress alterations, fittings, gratuities, guest lodging, vendors, deliveries, and gift registries.

I’ve also new lists for things to pick up, things to buy, and things to make. Other new pages include worksheets relating to: wedding day prep, ceremony timeline, “assignments,” guest needs, name changes, “plus one” invites, procession entrance and exit, and save the date and thank you notes.

Each wedding planner page is free to download and print as a PDF to write on in pen or pencil. Editable templates that you can type into using Microsoft Word are $5 each, or the all-in-one download of the wedding planner collection is just $14.

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