Free Word Search Puzzles

by Kay on August 12, 2011

I’m super-excited about my new site, I’ve wanted to do an interactive puzzle site for a long time, and it’s finally ready!

There’s a nice selection of word searches already up and ready to print at the site. Or, make your own and print it! You can choose the difficulty of your puzzle, including Easy (words down and across), Medium (adds backward words), Hard (diagonals), and Difficult (mixes in misspelled words). You can also adjust the size. It’s really fun, and great for school or home.

In fact, I’d appreciate it if you would give the word search maker a whirl. It’s free, and after you make and print the puzzle you create, you can share it (pending an brief approval process) on the site. So far, people have made puzzles about: Harry Potter, Days of the Week, Mystery Authors, Planets, and many more. They’re fun and educational!

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