Resignation Letter Templates

by kevin on January 14, 2019

Are you ready to move on from a job, volunteer position, or other role? If so, you’ll want to check out my website There, you’ll find 226 resignation letter templates, all free for your personal use.

These letters are best thought of as a starting point for crafting a letter that best suits your situation. Of course, you’re also welcome to use a letter as-is.

I recently added new 20 resignation letter templates that cover cases such as: resigning due to a conflict of interest, resigning immediately and without notice, resigning from a job you just started, resigning from a job you like and resigning in disgust. is focused on grateful or positive resignation letters, but there are a few negative ones because in some rare cases such a letter might be appropriate. Of course, none of these letters should be thought of as legal advice!

Other new letters address resigning from political office, accepting a voluntary demotion, withdrawing oneself from consideration, or withdrawing as a professional representing a client.

Other new additions include volunteer resignation letters from positions such as: club leadership, a home owner board, a nonprofit board, and a volunteer work shift.

The site also has articles with letter-writing hints and tips. Each letter at is free to download, customize, and print. The letters download instantly in DOC format so you can type into them using Microsoft Word. Or, simply cut and paste the text directly from the site.

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