Printable Fax Cover Sheets

by kevin on February 13, 2019

My site has 25 new fax cover sheets, all free to download, print, and feed into a fax machine, or upload them to an online fax service such as my very own There are now 418 sheets at the site.

Most of the new fax cover sheets have a formal look but there’s a pirate fax sheet in there for all your high-seas faxing needs. You’ll also find a fun superhero fax cover sheet. now has fax cover sheets for dentistry, music, photography, and wedding vendors. Plus, I’ve added sports-themed fax cover sheets.

There are also new sheets for graduation faxes and employment verification. Other handy new sheets include a “from the desk of” fax cover sheet and sheets with the words “Fax” or “Fax Cover Sheet.” Be sure to check out the funny fax cover sheets.

The site also has urgent fax cover sheets, confidential fax cover sheets, medical fax cover sheets, full-color sheets, and lots more.

Download and print anything at for free.

Remember, with FaxZero, you can send five free three-page faxes a day in the U.S. and Canada, or send more or longer faxes for $1.99 apiece. International faxing is also available for a fee based on the country reached. Or, use the free fax-your-rep service to fax Congress with just a few clicks.

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