New Printable Paper Designs

by kevin on June 17, 2019

My website now has 1,821 printable paper designs, with a free version of each and every one.

The printables at ranges from simple lined and graph papers to budgets, score sheets, and crafting papers. I started this site in 2008 with basic papers and calendars to include dot paper, music paper, logarithmic paper, calligraphy paper, and lots more.
I’ve just added new variations of story paper that has room for a drawing at top, with penmanship paper style red and blue lines in various weights and in both horizonal and vertical orientations.

The new lined paper includes wide, narrow, and college rule sheets with separate lines for writing a name and date. You’ll find numbered and unnumbered sheets. Some have heavy lines and others have lighter lines.
Also new is number line paper with blank segments in varying distances apart. has lots of specialty paper, including colored paper, highlighter paper, and various templates.

The site also has games, storyboard templates, comic pages, and even 3D paper. The craft include designs for quilting, knitting, cross-stitch, and beadwork. has a free version of everything. A few items, such as budgets and score sheets, are available in a free PDF version as well as a $4 editable DOC version.

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