Printable Rulers that Measure Up

by kevin on October 11, 2019

My website now has 80 time- and money-saving printable rulers to instantly download and print for free for all your measuring needs.

I’ve added new specialty rulers to the wide selection of standard rulers, metric rulers, and other measuring tools.
New hobby rulers measure 1-to-16 scale all the way up to 1-to-75 scale, along with S scale for model railroads and doll houses. I’ve also added new variations of 12-inch and 30-centimeter rulers in blue, green, pink, and yellow pastel hues. also has zero-center rulers, right-to-left rulers, pocket rulers, and page layout rulers. also has a selection of professional rulers and drawing tools such as squares, triangles, protractors, yard sticks, and measuring tape.

Before you print, make sure your printer is set at 100 percent for more accurate rulers!

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