Free Fax Cover Sheets

by kevin on November 15, 2019

My site has 24 new fax cover sheets, each free to download and print. Or, transmit them electronically via an online fax such as my own

The site now has 442 simple and illustrated fax cover sheets, each free.

Some of the new fax cover sheets simply say “Fax” at the top and include lines or other formatting on on which to write or type information. You can use them as a cover sheet accompanying other faxed materials, or write your whole message on the sheet and transmit it.
Some of the designs are very specific, such as several government fax cover sheets with headers indicating that the faxes are destined for the Small Business Administration, the Social Security Administration, Veterans Affairs, FEMA, or the FCC.

Two of the new fax cover sheets state “Private and Confidential.” Other headers read: Comment and Complaint. Just for fun, I’ve included a cute teddy bear fax.

You’ll also find three new fax text pattern cover sheets in both black and white and color. has everything from traditional, formal sheets to funny fax cover sheets. Or, print urgent fax cover sheets, confidential fax cover sheets, medical fax cover sheets, full-color sheets, and more.

With FaxZero, users can send five free three-page faxes a day in the U.S. and Canada or send more or longer faxes for $1.99 apiece. International faxing is also available for a fee based on the country reached. FaxZero’s fax-your-rep service lets people fax Congress with just a few clicks.

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