Character Reference Letters

by kevin on January 3, 2020

Two dozen new character reference letters have been added to the website, and they’re perfect for people who need someone to vouch for them.

You can use any of these templates for free in your business or personal matters, whether you need someone to write a letter on your behalf or you’ve been asked to vouch for someone else. now has 268 templates, each free to download, customize, and print.

You’ll also find articles with tips on asking for or writing a character reference letter. While you’re welcome to use the templates at as-is, it’s best to view them as a jumping-off point for crafting a letter that matches your specific situation.

The just-added letters include example references for: a neighbor, a peer, an unemployed person, and an accountant. Other letters are designed to vouch for a student seeking to enroll in a course and a person buying a house.

There are also new testimonials at the site, with both strong and weak language. These consist of brief, casual wording samples for advising someone you know that they can trust a particular journalist, witness, electrician, driver, veterinarian, investment broker, bookkeeper, or medical professional.

There’s also a template for the rare case of retracting a testimonial. has letters for legal issues ranging from probation to immigration to adoption. Be sure to consult an attorney when needed.

Download any letter instantly in DOC format and type into it using Microsoft Word or another compatible program. Or, just cut and paste the text directly from the site.

Some of the letters complement the resume templates and cover letters at and

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