Printable Hero Biographies Complement Daily Printables Site

by kevin on July 8, 2020

I recently launched a cool website featuring biographies of heroes that were previously only found at my daily printables site, features 50 heroes so far, and I’ll be adding hundreds more in the future.
The diverse Hero of the Day is one of the most popular features at, so it made sense to highlight these figures on a standalone site. Each biography are free to download and print for your personal reference or in a classroom.

These bios are created especially for, and each is illustrated by a photo or drawing of the individual, when available. They download instantly as PDF files.

The array of heroes at includes trailblazers for civil rights, women’s rights, worker rights, and LGBTQ rights. Leaders in politics, environmental causes, art, sports, and STEM are also featured.

Along with the Hero of the Day, displays vocabulary words, official and just-for-fun holidays, a weekly planner, a monthly calendar, a puzzle, and a list of what’s new at my 100-plus sites.

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