Free Fax Cover Sheets and Faxing Service

by kevin on September 4, 2020

If you’ve got faxing to do, you’ll want to check out the new fax cover sheets at There are both formal and informal designs, some with catchy bold headers and others that are more subtle.

There are now 460 fax cover sheets at the site, each free to download and print for use with a fax machine or upload to an online fax service. Of course, I’m partial to my free internet faxing service FaxZero.

The newest additions to include text headers for specific purposes, decorative borders and simple illustrations.

A few of the new sheets have large block letters at the top stating: compliment, request, statement, suggestion, or thanks. One sheet reads “Lab Results” and includes a privacy statement. Another has the word “Expedited” in red.

I’ve also added a real estate themed sheet with a graphic of a house. There’s also a new business fax cover sheet for tax services plus one for employment services.

The new personal fax cover sheets feature ornate black-and-white borders and the word “fax” in script.

The site also has urgent fax cover sheets, confidential fax cover sheets, medical fax cover sheets, and holiday faxes.

Remember, you can download and print anything from for free.

FaxZero lets you send five free faxes a day in the U.S. and Canada, or unlimited faxes for $1.99 each. International faxing is also available for a fee based on the country reached. Or, fax your representatives in the U.S. House and Senate anytime for free.

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