Printable Tournament Brackets Selection Expands

by kevin on October 29, 2020

I’ve expanded the selection of free tournament brackets and related printables at There are now more than 200, including new “pool play” designs for tracking multiple teams. has blank brackets, team groupings, and grids for a variety of sports and activities. All of the brackets are free to download and print.

The pool play category lets users track multiple teams of varying sizes that play internally and then against each other.

The site is also home to single- and double-elimination blind draw brackets with varying numbers of teams, pyramid and ladder tournament brackets, Pinewood Derby brackets for scouting, and round robin templates. has templates appropriate for sports and activities as diverse as chess, darts, football, and soccer.

You’ll also find fantasy football draft boards, seeded draw and blind draw brackets, and round robin groupings.

The site’s betting grids are intended to be used for office pools, fantasy sports leagues, and other legal, good-natured wagering situations.

Each bracket is free in PDF or editable DOC form. With the later, simply use Microsoft Word or another compatible program to customize the brackets by typing in team members’ names, score, or any other details you need.

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