Hardship Letter Templates

by kevin on March 16, 2021

The website LetterOfHardship.net now has even more hardship letter templates for a variety of tough situations.

The 24 new letters, which are free for personal use, cover financial, academic, medical and other issues. They’re best used as a jumping-off point, adjusting wording to suit your situation. The site has more than 300 sample letters, along with tips on letter-writing.

Some of the letters are especially relevant during the coronavirus pandemic, including college financial aid appeals, quarantine, mental health, and a jury duty postponement. Other new letters address weather, transportation, identity theft, child care, and work furlough.

Other new letters at LetterOfHardship.net pertain to mortgage and rental issues, such as deferral and forbearance requests for business tenants. Letters relating to withdrawals and loans from retirement funds are also new.

The new academic letters at LetterOfHardship.net include appeals for additional merit aid or scholarship amounts for college. Also covered are student loan deferrals and financial aid adjustments.

Each letter downloads instantly, or users can simply cut and paste the text directly from the site. Of course, the templates are not a substitute for legal advice.

There are several letter-focused sites in the FreePrintable.net family of sites including: apology letters at ApologyLetters.net, resignation letters at ResignationLetters.biz, cover letters at CoverLetterExamples.net, at ComplaintLetter.net, and recommendation letters at LettersOfRecommendation.net.

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