Say You’re Sorry with Free Apology Letter Templates

by Kay on June 18, 2021

Sorry not sorry! There are now 432 ways to apologize thanks to the free apology letter templates at

These sample letters help you find the words to say you’re sorry for all kinds of personal and professional missteps. Just select a letter that’s close to what you need, and use it as a jumping off point. has letters for expressing regret about hurtful personal slights or misunderstandings, business oversights, and other wrongdoings or faux pas.

The newest letters include sample wording for: a business closure, not respecting someone’s decision, and for cancelling plans.

I’ve also added new letter templates with children and teens in mind, including specific apologies related to arguments with friends. There are also several new letters listing action steps for improvement or making amends.

You can also use the new letters to express regrets for hurtful behavior, not “stepping up,” being overly persistent, and making a “huge mistake.” Plus, find new apology wording for being late, including sharing your reason and level of regret about the situation. also has free letter templates for responding to an apology, along with articles with tips on letter-writing.

Each letter downloads instantly in DOC format so you can customize them in Microsoft Word. Or, simply cut and paste the text directly from the site. is a sister site to’s other letters sites, including: hardship letters at, resignation letters at, cover letters at, complaint letters at and recommendation letters at

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