Jewish Calendar Site Adds 2012, Hebrew Year 5772

by Kay on September 26, 2011

I get a lot of positive feedback about my site,, where it’s easy to print calendars with Hebrew dates, Jewish holidays, and various combinations of the two – all for free.

Rosh Hashanah starts at sundown Sept. 28, and in the Jewish faith and culture, that means the start of a new year. So, I’ve added printable calendars for each month of 5772, as well as traditional Gregorian 2012 calendars. There are four styles altogether: 5772 calendars with Hebrew days of the week and Jewish holidays noted; calendars for Hebrew year 5772 but with Gregorian equivalents; 2012 calendars that show Jewish holidays; and 2012 calendars that show the holidays, plus Jewish dates as well.

Hebrew calendar

Hebrew calendar

You can even generate your own Jewish calendar with the customer calendar creator –pick Gregorian or Hebrew months, or a combo, and click to download and print for free.

The calendars are available for the upcoming year in PDF form, so you can just open them with Adobe’s free Acrobat Reader or similar software and print them out for the home or office.

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