Free Lined and Specialty Paper

by Kay on September 20, 2022

The popular website has added to its wide selection of basic and specialty paper, and there now now more than 2,000 variations to instantly download and print.

From lined, graph and dot paper to budgets, score sheets, and specialty paper, there really is something for everyone at This site has grown so much since its launch in 2008.

Each item at the site has a free version to instantly download and print.

The newest additions to the site includes lined paper 3, 6 or 9 millimeters of space between lines.

Also new is a set of artist trading cards, which artists and paper crafters know as ATC cards. These can be used for art journaling, “swaps” with artists and other papercrafting projects. The 2.5-by-3.5 inch cards are sized print with six on each page to cut apart. (For studier ATC cards, printing on cardstock or art paper is recommended.)

The crafting paper at includes designs for cross-stitch, quilting, beadwork, and other needlework.

You’ll also find a selection of sports score cards at the site. I’ve added new cards added to this category for wine tasting, beer tasting, and a chili cookoff.

Other new additions to include logic puzzles, which are worked on a grid, and sudoku puzzles.

The site also has penmanship paper, games, music paper, storyboard templates, comic pages, logarithmic paper, calligraphy paper, 3D paper, brochure templates, sports field diagrams, budget templates, and more.

Like I said, there’s a free version of everything at the site, while a few categories, such as budgets and score sheets, offer a free PDF version as well as a $4 customizable version that can be edited using Microsoft Word.

With, you’ll never need to run to the store for paper.

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