Sample Apology Letters

by Kay on April 25, 2023

Sorry, not sorry! has hundreds of sample wording for next time you need to apologize for a personal or professional misstep. The apology letters are free for your use, and give you a jumping off point. Just type into each letter to customize it for your situation.

Counting the nearly two dozen new letters, there are now more than 500 apology examples. also has several articles with tips on apologizing.

You’ll find letters for everything from basic blunders to major mistakes. Some of the sample letters offer to make amends, while others seek forgiveness.

The newest batch of letters includes wording to apologize for personal errors such as: coming on too strong, crying wolf, giving up, past mistakes, and other regrettable actions.

There are also new templates for workplace issues such as: causing additional expenses, quitting a job, giving short notice, or experiencing quality issues.

The site also has templates for children and teens, the newest of which is a letter apologizing for missing class.

Also new are apologies for: additional expenses, partial payment, late submissions, rushing someone, and a tight budget.

Each letter template from downloads instantly in editable DOC (Microsoft Word) form, or you can just cut and paste the text directly from the site.

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