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by Kay on April 8, 2011

If you subscribe to the newsletter, you know how much I enjoy getting emails from people who use the site. People send me ideas for new printables, thank-yous for existing printables, and other messages.

I decided it would be fun to open up the “user mail” like they do on TV shows and respond to a few of the messages.

Recently, I wrote in the newsletter about attending a Devo concert with wife.

I subsequently heard from several Devo fans, including a guy who wanted me to pose wearing the Devo hat/energy dome. Um, no, can’t oblige. One reader wrote:

Personally, I find Devo to be much more reasonable than most of what is being foisted upon the public these days.

They were WAY ahead of their time during their first wave of popularity, and if you review the lyrics of many of the songs from that era, you will find that they pretty accurately predicted the social meltdown that has occurred since then.

Not only that, but they ROCK!

Also on the topic of Devo, Hue wrote:

Oh, Whip It!! . . .I miss punk!

And what is better than Rock Lobster?

Rock Lobster’s a great song! But that’s the B-52s. Minus one Music Geek point for you, Hue.

And someone — name withheld by me, and think you’ll understand why in a minute — wrote about the new character reference letters site.

Are you kidding me? Really?? A student asks me to write a letter of recommendation yesterday. I set out to write it last night with no success (she wasn’t great, truth be told.) I plan to scour the internet landscape for a suitable letter the next day. This morning, guess what’s in my inbox?? You’ll never guess… Your newsletter! And guess what’s in the first section? Yes!!! Character reference letters. You are amazing. Thanks!

Hey now, I didn’t mean for you to use the letter templates to endorse people you don’t really like that much. Anyway, glad you’re finding the site useful.

Another note about

Just wanted to say thank you for all the “free printable” information. The character reference letters are going to help us immensely. We are a Non-Profit Organization that trains people to become public safety officers. We provide job placement assistance once they graduate, that’s where these character reference templates come in to play. Thanks again for your services.

Excellent! I’m glad the new sites are helpful. I love mail. Please write anytime, here: contact form.

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