New Printable 2012 calendars

by Kay on October 14, 2011

Some people look at the Mayan calendar and think, “The world is ending in 2012!” I look at the Mayan calendar and think of, well, 2012 calendars. is my followup to the also aptly-named, which has, um, 2011 calendars. I actually launched the site several months ago, because I know fans are smart cookies who like to plan ahead. But just recently I added more calendar variations to the site, and now there are 30 to choose from.

2012 calendar

The new calendars include horizontal and vertical all-on-one-page grids, calendars with holidays in blue or red, and the ever-popular wallet calendar. Just take your pick (or pick a bunch – they’re free!) and download and print in PDF or DOC form. The DOC versions can be opened and edited in Microsoft Word, which is great if you want to customize them by typing appointments or special occasions such as my birthday.

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