Free Printable Masks

by Kay on January 16, 2012 is the newest addition the family, with nearly 50 free masks that you can download and print. Everyone from little kids playing make-believe to students in school plays can instantly have a cool tiger, princess, chef, unicorn, or other themed mask with just a click of the mouse. (Speaking of which, yes, there’s a mouse mask, too.)

These masks aren’t just for kids – adults can wear them to costume parties, for Halloween, and so on. Several of the masks are of characters with personalities such as “nerd,” “gamer,” or “emo.”

All of the masks are full-color and easy to use. includes step-by-step instructions on how to print the PDF and put a mask together, either by tying it over the face (there are eye holes to cut out) or attaching it to a stick like a puppet.

I hope you enjoy these fun masks. Be a monkey. Be a shark. Be an elephant. Be creative.

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