Free Printable Tournament Brackets

by Kay on January 27, 2012

If you’re a football fan, you’re probably busy gearing up for a Super Bowl party. Even the most casual observer has been known to participate in an office wagering pool: Just pick a square on a betting grid and wait for the teams’ scores to make you a winner.

Whether you’re a participant in team sports or prefer the view from the spectator seats (or couch), I have lots of new printables to choose from at There are 34 new printable brackets in all, including round robin groupings for

I’ve also expanded the selection of grids for office betting pools beyond the football playoffs and March Madness basketball. You can now place a friendly bet (consult your local laws; you don’t wanna get busted) on finals such as: All-Star games, The Masters golf tournament, World Cup soccer, hockey and even tennis and auto racing.

The brackets and grids are available in both PDF and DOC formats, both free to download and print. The DOC version lets you type team and participant names and other into the file before printing.

Have fun, sports fans!

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