Printable Tooth Fairy Letters

by Kay on September 28, 2012

With young children, every new event feels like a milestone, especially lost teeth. My 5-year-old is very excited at the prospect of losing her first baby tooth, and it’s hard not to be excited with her. The 11 new tooth fairy letters I’ve added to are nice ways to share in your kid’s enthusiasm, instead of making the exchange just about money. (A tooth as a commodity is an interesting tradition.) has a large number of Tooth Fairy poems, coloring pages, and letters to boys and girls that talk about first teeth and magic castles. There are also gender-specific notes and funny letters for children who are getting older and taking the situation less seriously. There’s even a new Tooth Fairy invoice.

Tooth Fairy Invoice

A section that I think is especially helpful is the extraordinary situation Tooth Fairy letters category, which addresses the issues that some kids have anxiety about. That includes swallowing the tooth, losing it at school, losing multiple teeth and having a tooth pulled at the dentist. Most of the letters also encourage kids to keep up good dental hygiene.

All of the letters come with full-color illustrations of teeth, smiling faces or the Tooth Fairy with a magic wand. They also include a very authentic-looking Tooth Fairy signature for verification purposes. The templates are free to download and print as PDFs, or $5 for a DOC file that can be customized in Microsoft Word or its equivalent. With the premium DOC versions, you can type in a child’s name and other personal details before printing.

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