Easter Printables

by Kay on April 19, 2011

Guess who will soon be hopping down the bunny trail? No, not me (I’m too tall for the costume). It’s the Easter Bunny, that’s who. Today’s post is a roundup of Easter-themed printables available at the various FreePrintable.net sites, with a special focus on FreeEasterPrintables.com’s letters from the Easter Bunny.
Easter Bunny letter
At FreeEasterPrintables.com, relatives and friends of little kids can “help” the Easter Bunny with his letter-writing tasks by customizing and printing a colorful, illustrated letter in either free PDF or customizable ($5) DOC form. There are 20 letters to choose from, for boys and girls, letters with spiritual themes, and specialty letters such as baby’s first Easter.

There are coloring pages at FreeEasterPrintables.com, and even more Easter coloring pages at FreePrintableColoringPages.net and BibleColoringPages.org. They’re great for home, school or church.

Here are some more Easter printables for your printing pleasure. Most are free, while some offer both a free PDF and paid, premium DOC version (The DOC versions open in Microsoft Word and other compatible programs so you can type directly onto them.):

FreePrintableGiftTags.net has 15 printable gift tags for Easter, all free.

FreePrintableRecipeCards.net features a pink bunny Easter recipe card.

PrintablePlaceCards.net has Easter place cards with colorful eggs.

FreePrintableGreetingCards.org, offers an Easter greeting card in both free PDF and paid, premium DOC versions.

There’s even a funny, illustrated Easter fax cover sheet.

Happy Easter! Or should I say, “Hoppy Easter.” (Sorry!)

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