Convert Decimals to Fractions

by Kay on February 8, 2013

As adults, many of us forget the math we learned in school. I, for one, barely remembered it as I was learning it. (I mention my math struggles in my tech memoir, Terrible Nerd). While it’s easy now to solve most math problems on a calculator or in my head, one thing I’m never able to do quickly is figure out how to get a fraction from a decimal number. That’s why my new site,, is so great. It converts any decimal into a fraction with the click of a button.

While it might be obvious to some people that .7 is the same as 7/10, I would wager that it gets more difficult for everyone when you have to convert three decimal places in your head. That’s why has a list of numbers up to three decimal places long that have already been converted and simplified into fractions.

If you have your own number between four and ten decimal places, you can just use the custom fraction converter. This tool will not only convert the decimal to a fraction, but will simplify it down to the lowest possible denominator.
Use it as a reference, to solve a quick problem, or to check your work. Either way, is quick, easy, and—best of all—free!

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