by Kay on May 5, 2011

It’s mail time! (Hey, that makes me want to sing the Blue’s Clues song. But I’ll spare you.) Thanks so much to all of you who write me with your compliments, complaints (seriously!), and suggestions for new sites and printables. I have a few pieces of user mail I’d like to answer today.

Carol wrote:
Your stuff is fantastic Kevin. I wish I had Microsoft office

I often write that “printables are compatible with Microsoft Word or Excel”, because that’s what a lot of people use. But those aren’t absolute requiements for the vast majority of my printables. Most printables have PDF versions, which you can open. And many of the DOC files and XLS files can be opened with Google Docs. Not everything is formatted correctly, but a lot of them will look just great. There’s also the free OpenOffice software which can open those files pretty well.

And Andy asked:
I would like to know how you do this so well and so easily. I run a recycling business, I’ve made many forms and it takes me forever to get them as easily printable as your forms. HOW DO YOU DO IT?

Thanks so much for the compliment, Andy! I’m closing in on 20,000 printable templates, so I guess the answer is … practice.

Lynn wrote:
Thank you so much for offering the business plans! I am trying to start a website design business, but it’s been difficult. I have one person who is willing to invest, but I need to do a business plan first. He sent me a sample that’s been already filled out, but it’s a little overwhelming. Your fill-in-the blanks and explanatory language business plan are perfect for me so I can get off the ground.

Yay! That’s great, Lynn! I’m glad your business is taking off.

Garry may have had a bit too much caffeine the morning he wrote:

Ha! I’m working on it!

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