Cover Letters and Letters of Recommendation

by Kay on February 28, 2013

We’re well into 2013 now, and I imagine that many people made resolutions this year to move forward in their careers. However, to land a great job, you need a good “hook” to catch an employer’s eye, as well as strong references. That’s why I’ve created a whole batch of new sample letters of recommendation and cover letters.
The 14 new letters of recommendation cover more than just jobs. There are certainly recommendations for apprenticeships, massage training, tenure and personal training. However, there are also recommendation samples for emancipation and marriage, entry into country clubs and co-ops, and applications for visas. The sample text can easily be replaced with specific and relevant information.

I also put up 20 new cover letters that can help users apply for jobs in different fields. There’s an example for actors, assistants, journalists, engineers, scientists and temps. Each one lays out a format that highlights skills and experience in a way that will stand out to potential employers.

All of the letters are free to download, edit and print in DOC format, or simply cut and paste the text directly from the site. You may also want to take a look at, my site with 125 resume templates to download and print for free.

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