Printable Historic Paper Dolls

by Kay on April 9, 2013

I realized recently (thanks in part to site user requests) that most of the paper dolls at only depict people from the last hundred years or so. That’s drawing from a fairly small pool, statistically speaking, so I’ve added a new category of historical figures to the site. There are 25 new paper dolls from ancient civilizations.
The new history paper dolls have pictures of men and women from Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. Each one comes with the traditional hairstyles and/or beards, shields and staffs, and historical clothing of the time period. There are two versions of each paper doll. One is fully-illustrated and the other can be used as a coloring page before being cut out for use.

There are 170 paper dolls at They are all free to download as a PDF file, but I recommend getting the paper doll collection, for only $9. Don’t forget to laminate them or print them on card stock in order to make them sturdy enough for extended use. Kids are going to love playing with these! I also hear from adult collectors who like the designs at

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