New Printable Bookmarks

by Kay on April 19, 2013

Whether reading puts you in the mood for snacking, or you want to mark your favorite cookbook recipes with a themed bookmark, you’ll like the latest additions to The latest batch of 30 new bookmarks, feature graphics of tasty-looking food and drinks as well as some abstract designs.

The new food bookmarks are fully-illustrated and decorated with colorful pictures of Crock Pot meals, fizzy drinks, hot tea, bubbly wine and cupcakes.
The new additions also include some abstract dotted backgrounds, green curves and wallpaper backdrops. I suggest laminating the bookmarks and/or printing them on cardstock to retain maximum durability. They’re easy to print, cut out, and assemble thanks to handy cutting guidelines. Here are some instructions on how to make a printable bookmark. has a grand total of 240 bookmarks, as well as 65 bookplates. They feature everything from gothic designs to western depictions to romance pictures. All of them are available for free as PDFs, to be printed, cut out and taped together as instructed. Additionally, the entire bookmarks collection is available for only $11.

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