Printable Cash Receipts

by Kay on May 7, 2013

Sales receipts don’t have to be boring. My 20 new printable cash receipts from are the perfect way to add personality, style and fun to any sale, gift or shipment.

The new printable receipts are perfect for homemade crafts, holiday sales, farmers’ markets and gift receipts. Sellers can choose from a variety of styles including specific templates for Renaissance Fairs, restaurants, Christmas presents and craft shows. These samples include cute and colorful graphics, as well as stylish and pretty borders.
In addition to the more colorful versions, there are also several mortgage, child care and acknowledgment receipts, as well as donation receipts for auction donors and winners. There are also lots of plain, traditional cash receipts for everyday use, ranging in size from several-on-one-sheet to full-page.

There are nearly 100 templates available at, including samples for rent, deposits, ledgers and petty cash. Each receipt can be printed and written on for free as a PDF. If you want to edit the template in Microsoft Word or another compatible program, a DOC file is also available for $7. A quick and easy alternative (and a great way to have all the customizable templates in one easy spot) is to get the receipt collection that includes 155 invoices from for only $68.

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