Printable Family Trees and Ancestry Charts

by Kay on May 14, 2013

I’m introducing a different type of chart to this month with my new bowtie family trees, which are a really cool format for recording one’s ancestry. Similar to a fan chart, this style has forms for 7, 6, 5 and 4 generations.
Along with the new family trees, I’ve also added ancestry charts that focus on specific countries of origin. Each family tree for American, Greek, South African, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and Irish lineages features a colorful picture of the country’s national flag. It’s a great way to celebrate your heritage and learn more about your ancestors.
For those planning a wedding or looking for a nice gift or activity for the reception, I’ve added several thumbprint family trees. These are pretty pictures of trees with bare branches and the names of the married couple. Family members and friends can then put their thumbprints on as “leaves” in different colors, making a nice memento the bride and groom can frame and keep forever.

Finally, there are several ancestor sheets for more filling in more detailed information, including two genealogy charts that are Bible-style for a husband and a wife. These include spaces for filling in spousal information as well as birth dates.

Overall, there are more than 100 forms at, including photo forms, kid trees, fan charts and research forms for dedicated genealogists. All forms can be printed and filled in as a free PDF file. In some cases, a $4 version is available that can be edited in a word processing program.

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