Printable Play Money

by Kay on July 18, 2013

If you want to teach your kids about the value of money without handing over your hard-earned cash, come on over to and check out the new colorable dollar bills, coins and checks that I’ve added.

The printable play coins and bills are great as an art activity and can be filled in in any color or style. Kids can decorate the one and five dollar bills, as well as the nickel, dime, quarter, penny and dollar coins. They’re a lot of fun for playing pretend shop, too!
For children who are ready for a little more fake financial responsibility, I’ve also added kids’ checks. Teach them how to fill out a play money check with the black-and-white template, the pretty blue version or the fun orange one that’s decorated with cute penguins and stars. Who knew pretending to pay bills could be so fun?

There are 38 designs at that range from realistic bills to colorful cartoon currency. Everything is free to download and print as a PDF file.

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