Printable Gift Tags

by Kay on July 15, 2013

I like to buy local when I can, and where I live in Portland there are a lot of farmers’ markets, craft booths and country fairs that produce some amazing handmade items. I had those creative sellers in mind when I came up with the new craft gift tags at I also added 52 monogrammed gift tags that bring the site’s total up to 300 printables, all of them FREE!
The craft gift tags are great for individual sellers or hobbyists. Decorated against bright, colorful backgrounds, they say “Handmade by” or, for gifts of sweaters and scarves, “Knitted by”. The knitted ones are particularly cute, and depict a fuzzy kitten playing with a ball of yarn.

The new monogram gift tags are great for any occasion and give a simple, elegant look to a gift. They can be used as identifying initials for weddings or graduations, or as a business logo. Each letter can be found in plain text or in a cursive font against a backdrop of autumn leaves.
All the templates at are free to download and print as a PDF or DOC file. The PDF can be printed and written on by hand, while the DOC version can be edited in a word processor.

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