Printable Time Cards and Timesheets

by Kay on July 11, 2013

With the rise in self-employment, employees working from home, and the ubiquity of freelance work, there’s a need for more diverse ways to keep track of hours worked. Time cards that can be accessed electronically or printed out and written upon are one solution. That’s why I’ve added 15 new printable time cards at and 20 new timesheets at for calculating hours, salary and benefits in any field.

There are 43 templates available at that are designed for logging hours spent working on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. The new time cards can be printed with two or four per page. Some are tailored specifically for the services and projects of contractors, consultants and freelancers. Others are for general biweekly work, or for single- or multiple-project hourly divisions.
Each time card can be printed for free as a PDF and filled in by hand, but they’re even more useful as a $7 DOC version. These open in Microsoft Word or other compatible programs and can be customized to suit the needs of nearly any business.

The 114 printable timesheets at are designed for a similar purpose, but often with more detail. The new timesheets also cover freelancers, biweekly hours, and self-employment, but they also automatically calculate gross pay, overtime and even salary exemptions.
Many of the new templates also round payment up or down depending on the time interval specified.

Like its sister site, also offers a free PDF version that can be written on and a $9 spreadsheet that can be used in Excel or another XLS-compatible program.

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