Printable Invoices

by Kay on July 9, 2013

A big part of running a small business, including retail stores, service providers, or anyone who sells on Etsy or eBay, is the endless task of keeping track of all of the information relating to sales. I created to help fellow small-business owners and self-starters organize and account for their bills, receipts, expenses and services. Now I’ve added 15 new job-specific invoices to the mix.
The new invoices are tailored specifically for lawyers, morticians, graphic designers and universities. There’s space in each to fill in how much money a customer owes for each item or service as well as costs for shipping, fees and taxes. They also have pretty or professional decorations that incorporate a place for a business’s logo or image.

I’ve also added new billing invoices that include pay statements, monthly statements and cash flow statements.

What I like most about these invoices, though, is that they make calculating costs and amounts a breeze. Although you can download the free PDF and write in the numbers yourself, you can also opt to buy the $7 XLS or DOC version. The XLS spreadsheet makes calculations as soon as you put in the information, so you don’t end up with mathematical oversights or errors. It saves time and a potential headache further down the road.

There are 171 templates available from that are helpful for any manager or business owner. Inventory templates, estimate forms, proposals and bids can make any transaction a little easier.

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