Printable Bookmarks

by Kay on July 5, 2013

It’s great when a summer day is all about relaxing and enjoying a little downtime reading and snacking in the sun. My new printable bookmarks have truly tasty illustrations that will save your place during your breaks from book time.

The new cookie bookmarks feature frosted, flaky pastries on bright, colorful backgrounds. There are also delicious cakes, ice cream, and cupcake depictions that are great for bakers of any age. They are also perfect for marking your favorite page in a good cookbook.
Other new food bookmarks include meat and veggie designs, an illustration of wine and cheese, and bright German sausage templates with the national flag.

I now offer 300 bookmarks and 65 Other new bookplates at They feature everything from gothic designs to western and romance scenes. All of them are available for free as PDFs, to be printed, cut out and taped together as shown here in my how to make a printable bookmark post. Laminating the bookmarks or printing them on cardstock ensures that they stay sturdy longer. Additionally, the entire collection is available for only $11.

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