New Printable Flash Cards

by Kay on July 2, 2013

There are 15 new flash cards at, created by users and great for homework, tests and general trivia. This batch is heavily focused on language, but there’s a smattering of other interesting tidbits as well.

The most popular language flash cards recently seem to be French and Spanish. This round features French words for travel, food, health and personal identification. There are also Spanish terms for sports and decorating.

Other miscellaneous flash cards in this batch are all over the map and include Roman Gods, Internet Lingo, The Stations of the Cross and Constellations.

There are now more than 200 flash cards available at in categories spanning science, math, music, literature and geography. They’re all free to print as PDFs, and they download instantly. Most of them are user-generated, and I encourage others to be forthcoming with their interests, study material and general knowledge as well.

People who want to share can make and submit their own flash cards with my flash card maker.

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