New Teacher Printables

by Kay on September 6, 2013

The back-to-school shopping sprees might be over, but has dozens of new forms, charts, and more to help teachers, students, and homeschooling parents. There’s everything from grading sheets for the first batch of homework or desk tags for assigning seats. Or, download and print some free instructional charts or worksheets for the day. has 449 classroom printables to choose from.
Musical_Keyboard just added 33 new classroom printables including templates for math, music, typing, and more. There are blank number lines, pie charts and Venn diagrams divided up in various increments that can be filled in to illustrate any chart or problem. Music students and typists can practice fingering with a printable piano and blank computer keyboard. There are also printable worksheets for number progressions and fraction problems.

Everything at is free to download and print in PDF or customizable DOC (Microsoft Word) format. For the busy teacher (or school!) that wants to have all the printables on-hand, there’s the single-classroom-license printables collection for only $27 and the school-wide license for $67.

While teachers may get a lot of use out of, students can head over to to help them study. There are over 225 printable flash cards with preexisting information for studying subjects such as science, math and literature. However, what’s especially useful about the site is the flash card generator that lets users print out flash cards with their own unique questions in sets of six or four per page.

Teachers and parents of young students learning to write will also enjoy, which offers 119 printable writing templates for kids set against cute, fun pictures that can double as coloring pages. They’re free to print and great for practicing handwriting skills.

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