5774 Jewish Calendars

by Kay on September 13, 2013

There are even more options for Hebrew calendars thanks to the new additions to PrintableJewishCalendar.com. I’m happy to report that the 5774 calendars are up and ready to download and print for free.

Next year, 5774 (or 2014 on the civil calendar), is a Shanah Me’uberet, or a year with 13 months instead of 12. All 13 monthly calendars are available to download and print individually as a free PDF. There is one option available for a monthly calendar with the Jewish holidays written in red and another Western Jewish calendars option that features the equivalent date from the Gregorian calendar on the bottom of each date box. You can also use the custom calendar generator to pick your own configuration.

The calendars at PrintableJewishCalendar.com range from next year back to the year 5770 (or 2010). All of the days and months are written in Hebrew and each calendar shows when Jewish holidays begin as well as the day they are officially observed. Make long-term plans and compare dates for next year with these great new additions.

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