Instant Worksheets

by Kay on September 17, 2013

With the school year off to a good start, I’ve made sure to add a lot of new printable worksheets to my very first charter membership site, The site currently now offers 260 completely free worksheets, but it also has hundreds more that are only available to premium members, who pay a small, monthly fee for unlimited access.
The new teacher worksheets are great for elementary and middle school students and cover a whole range of subjects. Shapes, the five senses, favorite foods, reading, science and even asteroid comprehension really show the diversity that’s available to educators and their students.

The worksheets at are broken down by category for subjects like the alphabet, ESL, motor skills, addition and more. All the templates are helpful to supplement lesson plans or serve as stand-alone activities for busy classrooms. Premium members have access to all of the worksheets as well as the worksheet generator, which can be used to create math worksheets for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Set the generator for whole numbers or fractions, choose the number of questions per page, and use this great tool as an activity creator or a study device. It provides unlimited use, and the price for worksheets membership is only $4 a month, a charter rate.

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