Printable CD and DVD Labels

by Kay on September 20, 2013

Great news for people who want to get organized! I’ve created a category of printable CD and DVD labels that are perfect for identifying any backups you create of your digital files.
All of the 30 printable labels are easy to identify, categorize and file because each one has different fun, colorful patterns and pictures. Keep apart your music, videos, work, pictures and documents with discs decorated with filing cabinets, paper clips, folders, pencils and hard drives.

When printing out these labels, choose one of three formatting styles: 1200, 5075 or 5625. You can also pick to print them as DOCs or PDFs before attaching them to your disc.

Canning labels, address labels and labels decorated with babies, animals and holiday decorations are all offered at You can get all of them (more than 150) in one quick, easy collection for only $9.

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