Printable Letter Templates

by Kay on September 23, 2013

Wording is important when you’re writing a letter, especially if you’re trying to carefully word a request. If you’re looking for financial relief or forgiveness, I have new hardship letters at and apology letters at If you simply want to thank someone, there are plenty of new thank you letters at

There are 65 forms at that help make sure that you include the right information and the right phrasing for every occasion. The 14 new hardship letters can be used for any situation where you might need financial forgiveness or leniency for mortgages, medical bills, tuition or debt. Each template addresses a different reason for hardship including illness, incarceration, gambling, pregnancy and military deployment.

If you’re looking for clemency instead of a loan, head over to and check out the 111 letters for misbehavior, social slights, workplace issues and personal apologies. The 16 new forms can help atone for troublesome or delinquent behavior at work, school or in the community. These include apologies for graffiti, interruptions, tardiness, sexual harassment and violent behavior. I advise using these as launch points to give you ideas for more personal, specific apologies.

Finally, there are 19 new thank you letters at that celebrate civic duty, volunteer work and community contributions. These include thank you forms for blood drive helpers, campaign supporters, mentors, lunch hosts and participants at career fairs and seminars. More than 140 other thank you letters are available at the site for weddings, gifts, birthdays and more.

You can download each of these forms as an editable DOC and customize it to your preference in a word processor before printing or emailing it. Some letters are fill-in-the-blank, while others have information displayed in bold that can be replaced with your own sentiment.

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